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PNH Awareness

PNH or paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria is a rare acquired, life-threatening disease of the blood. The disease is characterized by destruction of red blood cells (hemolytic anemia), blood clots (thrombosis), and impaired bone marrow function (not making enough of the three blood components).

This disorder strikes near to the JB Fortin Team as JB's Fiance, Erin, suffers from PNH.  We are using the power of our NASCAR team to help spread awareness of PNH and help raise money for research of new treatment.

With your help we can find a cure of PNH, click below to find out how you can help.  JB Fortin Racing has special t-shirts available, all proceeds from the sale of these shirts goes to PNH research.  You can find them here: https://web.jbfortin.com/product-category/pnh-awareness/
JB Fortin

OUr Driver

Get to know a little bit about our driver, JB Fortin..

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FURY Model M

The Car

Click here to learn more about JB Fortin Racing's 2020 NASCAR Whelen Modfied Tour Race car.

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The Blueberry Squad

JB Fortin Racing's Crew

What started as a joke about the majority of our team wearing blue fire suits has become a badge of honor for the crew members of the 34 team.  It all started in 2019 at Seekonk when JB referred to the team as a bunch of "sexy Blueberries" the next week the blueberry squad label was formed.